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Buying and Selling, Buying and Selling...

Moving is never fun. In fact, I hate it. However, most of the time, it's worth the pain.


This week, my wife and I bought a new house and we are putting our current house on the market today.  We bought out house 4 years ago and completely gutted the thing and update every corner.  The basement was unfinished and we spent most of our nights and weekends finishing it.  Just when we got everything perfect and the way we wanted it...we decide to move.  There is a silver lining however!  I get an actual dedicated workshop for my woodworking!  No more leaving my pickup in the driveway and dragging out all the tools to work on projects.  The house is pretty nice too I guess.  But I'm definitely excited to get a dedicated workshop.  Definitely worth it in my opinion.  

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